Does RT charts need both Bean Temp and IBTS Temp?

Do folks use both and if so why?

If not, could Aillio consider allowing turning off one of them, Bean Temp ideally, in the charts?

I find having both of them quite distracting as I only use IBTS.

Both BT and IBTS…

  1. Temp delta between FC to Drop using BT . Because till the end of roasting the IBTS delta can be zero or even minus which is not normal practice. While at the same time BT continuously increasing. That gives me the guideline to when should I finish each of my roasting lot.

  2. Using BT when talking with friends where most of them do not have an IR sensor in their roaster.

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if you want to “hide” the Bean Temp, You can go into the config settings and modify the graph color of the bean to match the background color under the Theme settings in RoasTime.

In the web version of Roast Time, you can actually turn off different chart settings

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Thanks @BillC!

This is how my theme (Aillio Dark) looks like so the hack won’t quite work unfortunately in the desktop version of RT.

Hi @fred0823 - point 2 makes a ton of sense but I am not sure I understood your first point. Are you not dropping at a target temp (like I do) but you aim for some percentage interval from FC? I also don’t understand how IBTS delta can be zero or negative …

Thank you for sharing your thoughts - I am learning so still have some basic questions perhaps :slight_smile:

hi, basically we are the same aiming at dropping to a target temp. but my roasting are mostly very light (agtron reading toward 90~100) and sometimes I will have to consider finish it with development time in 30s. using delta temp from FC to Drop (finish) can be more helpful for me to make fine adjustment of my roasting profile. In a way, using delta temp help me understand RoR and End temp during the development phase.

Thanks for the clarification, @fred0823.