Does the bullet have an off switch? Is it normal that the fan is loud when in cooling mode?

New user here. 1.5 machine. QUESTIONS:

  1. Is there no off on the machine? I use PRS to off, and theres still a fan running and the lights stay on. Do you have to unplug it?
  2. Cooling… Wow. When I dump, (or go to cooling)the fan in the cooler is loud (which is ok) but it causes the stainless pan to vibrate and move all around and makes all kinds of loud racket. Is this normal?

Yep… there is no actual “off” switch you can flip. You can unplug or get a triplite which is what I use.

Yes, cooling fan is loud at C9 but I haven’t had issues with hit vibrating and moving around. I have a V2 machine though.

Here is another solution for those of us in North America:
3 of them for under $10.00 US
This is convenient if the duplex receptacle is within easy reach.



Ok, thanks for the On / Off confirmation and suggestion. I DO have a large capacity power strip that I just flip off when not roasting.

The vibrating cooling fan is amazingly bad. Like, I have a towel under it and it still moves all around vibrating everything. :confused: I’ll talk with support.

The cooling tray fan may have an issue but before you ease its pain you might try cleaning it… the roasting snot is evil stuff and clings to everything. So maybe the blades are unevenly coated with the stuff and just need cleaning. If you find a chipped blade then it’s ready for the scrap heap. Also confirm the cooling tray filter is clean… at least clean enough to not restrict air flow.

The cooling tray fan runs all the time the roaster is not OFF… perhaps C3 (?? there’s no display for C# once you leave COOL mode). Running at low speed helps circulate air under the power board. When you drop the beans at the end of the roast and start to COOL, then it is set to C9 (you can adjust the speed during COOL mode).


I just use a rubber band or zip tie to attach the cord to the cooling tray to one of the legs, that keeps it from running.

Same for me… at C9 it is for sure loud, but no issues with it at all, on my V2

As a follow-up here… I got a new cooling fan and while loud, its about 1/10 the noise and vibration of the original. Smooth. The pan doesn’t go anywhere. Also, I got the switch linked above to turn off the bullet after it cools completely.