Download Profiles? Profile database?


Is there any place to download profiles? I have yet to get my laptop working with my Bullet but I would love to be able to see a profile from others so I could get an idea of all my settings and timings.


I keep myself logged in so I can only hope I get this right-

  • Go to
  • Log in; that should take you to your Dashboard
  • Look down the list of options on the left and click Find Users

The resulting screen of users is listed in order of the number of roasts they’ve completed. Now it becomes a crap shoot: pick a User and check their list of roasts; if nothing else pick one at random. The chart should pop up when you click on it. Skip choosing a roast that says Unknown bean or one that has no info/comments that might help understand what they’re doing.


I didn’t know about the way Bruce suggested, which is good. But I found another way…

  1. go to and login
  2. Search for the Bean you plan to roast and choose it
  3. Many of the beans will have a list of roast that have been completed on the right
  4. Choose a profile from the list
  5. If you like it, download it. It will appear on the left under " Roasts, My downloads"