Download to csv?


I wasn’t trying to control the thread, I was asking for reasonable consideration of what the thread’s subject is. I’ve been participating in open forums for many years, and I still think it’s a good idea to try to keep a thread on topic. Discussions about the roast profiler, using artisan, and whether or not roasts are private are all very interesting to me as well, but I think a new thread might be a better place for them. If that’s not how you folks roll around here, fine, I’ll try to adapt, but I’m not making any promises… :slight_smile:


Sorry Will, I know where you’re coming from trying to keep a post “single threaded” as it makes for interesting rediscovery later. In my defence I was about to point you to some JSON->CSV converter sites that I had come across in my Googling after pulling down a JSON export of one of my roasts. I didn’t have a lot of time to review it and also came across a few Mac OS JSON tools that at least allow a reasonable view of the data. I did not discover the absence of time stamping but you’re right, if you figure each data point is sampled at specific intervals that may get you back to a timeline you can work with.

@PapasCup and I will go find someone else’s fence to hang over :wink: Well I’ll try…


We made the export json so that the data is available. Its the more or less raw data from the roaster. The CSV export is something we are working on, however its not as easy as it might sound because we need to format everything so that it makes sense.

Can someone start another thread about the ability to hide profiles?

Ability to hide/opt out of profiles

That is correct, the interval is 0.5 seconds.
We are looking at doing the real csv download. Just have to finalize the format.