Download to csv?

I’d really like to be able to download my roast data and import it into a spreadsheet.

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I’d second this. Some sort of way to get data out of RT and into something I could play around with more would be great.

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We are working on this feature -
You are also more than welcome to let me know how you want to use the data so that we can use this information to develop a platform that is more useful to everyone.



Hello Jonas,
With my previous roaster (Quest M3s) I kept data on each roast and I used this to create charts that compared different roasts on the same graph. I was experimenting with different settings and wanted to produce a graph that compared the roasts. I’d also like to be able to plot ROR using the IRBT data instead of the thermocouple, and test out some ideas I have for smoothing/windowing the data…

@Jonas, thanks for joining this conversation! I’m happy to hear you’re working on this and I share your desire to make the existing platform the most useful it can be for everyone. Honestly, I’m not sure I know how I would want to use the data given that I can’t be sure exactly what’s there. One thing I know I was thinking of doing was along the lines of @wm1’s ideas for data smoothing or windowing. The first thing I’d probably do is try to overlay a smoother trend line through my ROR plots…

There is a Roast Analyser in the site but I think it’s still a work in progress…

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It seems to be. I can only get it to work properly on Chrome (which is unfortunate, because I’m a Safari shop otherwise.)

Have you tried the roast analyser on Maybe that would be helpful.

I noticed there is an Export option on the MyRoast page which exports data in .json format - you may be able to run one of the “convert json to csv” web utilities to get what you want…

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That won’t let me compare roasts with all the data I have from the Quest (I have a lot of those!)

If the option for not sharing things in the cloud is implemented then we might be able to get a local copy saved which could be put into the Roast Analyzer that someone wrote for v1

I’d like to keep this thread on topic, please. What I am asking for is the ability to export roast data (temperatures, fans speeds, etc) to a CSV file - not anything else. I am aware of the various tools offered by Roast.World but that is not what I am asking or looking for. I have a large database (over 3 years worth) and I would like very much to be able to import roast data from the Bullet into that.

Stuart, thank you for the suggestion about the Export to json, I will give that a try.


@stuartmcknight, where exactly are you finding the .json export link? I’ve looked everywhere I can think of for this, whether online or on my locally installed application, and don’t see anything like that. I’d definitely be willing to try a JSON to CSV conversion if it were possible–that sounds a lot easier than trying to crack the encryption on the local database. :smiley:

It’s in Roast World under My Roasts (well it is for me!)

/var/folders/1_/9wh665kn7_dc1r18lh9jwp0r0000gn/T/VoilaCopiedFiles1/Capto_Capture 2019-05-13_09-31-24_AM.jpg


Thanks! I don’t remember seeing that before, but it’s definitely there. Time to play a bit…

The roast analyzer was built as an online tool. Having an offline tool is not something we are working on at the moment. If enough people want it though we are happy to look into this in the future.

There was a Roast Profiler tool written by a third party for v1 of the Roast Time software - as long as raw data is made available from the “cloud” if someone wants to revisit that then it wouldn’t need to be something that Aillio need to spend dev resources on for a possible minority interest. Having the data available in a JSON file through the Export link I pointed out earlier may be enough for a coder looking for a coffee hobby project. It may be that the original coder of that profile tool did not realize the data was still available albeit with a couple of extra clicks and downloads rather than always on a local folder.

Agreed, whilst I like the overall concept of “sharing” we really need that switch that allows us to opt out of some/all roasting sessions…hopefully that’s an easy implement in a future release.

As to forum activity, there are always going to be chatty folks like us :wink: But like neighbours. sometimes you only see them when they want to borrow your lawnmower or tools, others are happy to shoot the breeze over the fence any time. I think I may be in the latter category.

Guys, the discussion about Artisan etc is interesting, but it needs its own thread please. This one is about requesting a feature to be able to export to CSV.

I’d be really happy if the “export to json” supported export to csv as well. I’m not asking for full on roast analysis tools or anything like that, I already have the tools in a spreadsheet to graph things. I just want to be able to import my roast data into a spreadsheet!


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I took a look at the exported JSON data. I found a very nice tool that will convert it to CSV or even XLSX (Excel). And I discovered a huge “problem” - no TIME data in the file!!! This bean temp and drum temp data, and “bean temp derivative” data, but the time of each entry is completely missing. If you could add that I’d have what I need.

From looking at the data and the elapsed time, it looks to me like the interval is 0.5 seconds, so I am going to use that as the time interval for now…

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