Downloading JSON Roast Profiles from Roast World?

Hi all,

I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get the .JSON file required to upload a roast profile to use on my roaster that I downloaded from Roast.World.

When I go to import roast, it says to drag the JSON file in to upload it for use.
Where do you get this JSON file?
When I go to my Download section, there’s no indication of how to get this .JSON file from the downloaded profile.

Also, I’m on a Mac if that means anything.

Help and THANKS!


Did you ever figure this out? I’m at the same point. I can download a roast profile on website, but don’t understand how I get the JSON file so I can import into the actual RoastTime software. Missing a step here somehow.

I am also curious.

Hey! Yes. I figured it out.
There isn’t a clear display/notification of the profile being added, but after you download the JSON file of choice you add it in Roast Time by clicking on:

Tools >Import Roasts > Then click on the “Import Profiles” option

You don’t have to drag/drop anything. If you downloaded the file through it will add it to your existing roasts after clicking Import Profiles (Note: I still don’t know where the actual JSON file goes or how to drag/drop, but this method 100% works).

The tricky part is that it will be added chronologically by the date that the initial profile was roasted! So, you need to know when the other roaster executed that specific roast and look for it. I noticed this after I saw a few roasts on dates that I knew I didn’t roast and realized that these were the imported roasts.

It’s pretty seamless once you realize what’s happening, just a little unclear in the process.



I downloaded a profile from today and it simply appeared in my roast history, organized by date as @habitcoffeeclub described, but I didn’t need to use Tools>Import… at all. Maybe this nice seamless behavior occurs if you’re both logged in to and have RoastTime open at the same time.

Sorry, still struggling to make this work.

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Tried that as well, and no luck. Thanks for idea.

Works now. I had to restart my Roasttime to see the updated list.
Thank You

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