Driver Location

Hi when I go to setting in Roastime and Software version It has (install drivers) and when I click on that the driver download and install popup appears asking to choose the download location. what is the location for this driver?

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Same question? I make video Roasttime 3 driver? - YouTube

Can not connect to RT3

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Try look here Rost.Time3 and new Feb 2021 Bullet? no driver (solved)
Aillio team works fast <3

Main site was down right but, I god the link here in some magic way :wink:

Direct link to RoasTime-3.1.7-x64.Setup.exe (win64)

Direct link to RoasTime-3.1.7-ia32.Setup.exe (win32)

I had a similar problem. I created a folder and tried to put the drives in there but nothing would happen.

Then one time I didn’t select any folder and just cliked the button “select folder”, and it downloaded the drivers no problem.

Hope that helps

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Well I think I’ve now tried every thing to load the new drivers and nothing has worked. Starting to wonder if the laptop needs replacing ( although all other stuff works fine, all the other Aillio upgrades worked fine). I just want to roast not bugger about with computers, I do enough of that 8 hours a day at work.
Sorry had to vent, I hate brick walls.

Did you try Madsen’s post about manually setting the WINUSB driver here: