Dropping to P0 and F12 at end of roast

Per the title, my last three roasts have dropped off to P0 and F12 shortly after FC. The bullet starts to beep loudly and then all of sudden it drops to the mentioned settings. I’m new to the bullet so have no idea if this is me doing something stupid or if its the bullet. Any help?

When the Bullet beeps during a roast you must press a button to stop the beeping and keep the roast going. This is a safety feature to make sure someone is present during the roast.


Never been happier to be an idiot! Thanks!

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Love your humility!

If the display shows A-02 then yes, that’s your deadman timer warning that’s there to prevent you from setting fire to things. Press a button other than PRS to reset the timer.

Your roaster can stop heating mid-roast for an error as well. If you see ErC and a number, search here and in the manual, and email Aillio support if it’s not something addressed by either of those.

If your ambient temperature is too high and you’re roasting at high power, the roaster controller will automatically limit current to the power transistors that create the induction heating. This condition is not reported obviously today; you’ll just notice your roast tailing off unexpectedly.

If you’re new to the roaster, do a quick scan through the manual, getting started docs, and maintenance docs. The Bullet is a bit more complex than a comparable gas roaster, and has all of the same maintenance responsibilities if you want good coffee, safely produced.

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