Drum not rotating? Screw missing?


I roasted my first two batches yesterady, no issues. Third batch drum stopped rotating right of the bat when loading. Read through the manual, found similar topics on page 29/30 wich refers to a screw in the motor pulley that should be aligned with the flat part of the motor shaft. There is no screw there? I can see two holes in the pulley but no screws? Am I missing screws or am I missing the ability to read manuals (im not ruling this one out because… well… I have probably never read one before).

Missing set screws are a problem. I don’t see the set screw but just to confirm, you should get a flashlight aimed into the screw holes to be sure the set screw isn’t just seated very low. You should be able to see the hex opening in the top of the screw heads. And be sure to check both the drive motor (which you show here) and the cog belt pulley screw on the drum shaft. The latter screw presses against the key and allows for adjusting alignment between the drive motor and the drum shaft.


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M3-screw was missing, hardware store fixed it :smile:

Everything runs as it should now :+1:

Thx for reply!

How in gods name did you get the correct size screw? That thing is TINY, did you just take that bit with you and they were able to find you one? This happened to me the other day, I have not had the roaster all that long, so it was quite a surprise, but thankfully that screw was there.

Hardware store is owned by an old man who has just about every tiny little screw there is. And he is also a former electronical engineer so he had a variety of small screws :smiley: M3-screws are not that hard to find, the “headless” once a little more difficult but I think you can get away with a small headed m3-screw.

Aillio did answer my support ticket short after bab answered me here and they are willing to send me new screws aswell.

Awesome!!! Nothing like old local shops :))). Also Aillio support is very awesome as well :slight_smile: