Drum Speed Tachometer?

Hey there Roast World community. I’m new the Bullet (about 10 kilos in), and I have a question I’m hoping someone can answer. I am wondering if there is any kind of reading for the drum speed my Bullet is running at in RoasTime. I have a Bullet R1 V2, which says its calibrated when delivered, but I was looking for some kind of tachometer that will tell me if my drum’s RPM is where is should be according to the specs in the manual. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much!

During a roast or preheat just click the “i” (Info) button in the upper right corner. The default tab displays data of roaster performance and one of the items is Drum Speed. You’ll also see temp monitors, the fan speed for the IBTS fan, power line parameters, exhaust fan speed. Also included is the number of roasts the Bullet has done and the serial number. Most of the data is live so you should see changes in drum speed and exhaust fan speed as you change settings.

Another tab will let you see any data collected in the Logs. And if you run a Recipe there is also a log of executed and not-yet-executed Recipe steps.


Edit: Deleted incorrect reference to calibration routine.

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Great info Bruce but I think the self calibration is fan speed not drum speed. Typo ?

Thanks Stuart. You’re right of course and I’ll delete that reference to drum speed calibration.


Thanks Bruce and Stuart…really appreciate the info and help!!!

Also if you are concerned about the drum speed registering correctly in the software (i haven’t seen this problem, but it does seem like there is a little variance from machine to machine) you can do the following:
Open the front door.
Put a sticky note inside.
turn the roaster on with power set to zero
Count rpm on each setting. (Or for a 10 second sample, x6)