Drum stopped rotating early in the roast and does not rotate anymore

Hi there, during the drying phase of my second roast today the drum stopped rotating and does not roate again even with new roast. I had to dump the beens out the drum by tilting the bullet. I am reading the manual but I dont see a symptom like this, only when it stops during loading.

Appreciate any thoughts on this, thank you all.

First thing Iā€™d check is to see that both pulleys in the drum drive are tight against their respective shafts and not slipping.


Ok I tightened the little screw on the motor pulley shaft and now I started preheating and we are spinning again, so all looks well. I love it how I am becoming the master of the bullet in and out. First I have replaced the IBTS and now this. You guys need anything just ask me.


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