Drum stops rotating after charging

Anyone had the drum just stop rotating after charging?

Has no problem rotating when it is empty.

Sorry, no need to reply, I would rather just chat about roasting here, but it always seems to be issue after issue.

I’ve hit up tech support instead. They’ll likely respond in a couple days. I’ll do some sleuthing until then.

It has very little power and just goes limp with the slightest addition of weight and does not rotate. The weight of about 400g of beans pins it from rotating.

…yeah, was a gear loose. I suppose it had been an issue for a while, as the drum is noticeably more peppy. Today roasting the beans behaved a little differently, and may have been the slower/weaker drum rotation, despite being at P9. Anyway, these issues could happen on any size roaster, but this is a lot of work for one Kg. Haha. Hopefully I’ll get to roast a batch properly some day.