Drum stops spinning when beans go inside

Good evening/Morning,

I’ve been roasting in the kitchen since May this year. Moved into a timber workshop tonight. First roast normal 600g Ethical, second roast 1kg of Ecuador. About 10 minutes in the drum stopped spinning and the beans just sat inside getting hotter. So I started to cool, had to tip them out and vacuum most of them. Anyway once it cooled down I started preheating, charged, put new beans in and the drum just stopped turning. The whole of the front seems hotter than normal. Left it to cool down, tried it again, preheat, charge put beans in, drum spins for a bit then just stops. Really worried I’ve broken it.

Take a deep breath. You have not broken your roaster. This happened to me and probably a lot of owners.

The belt that turns the drum has become loose and you need to tighten it. There are a few places that describe how to do it. Here is one.

You may need to actually take out the motor and tighten down the little screws that hold the belt adaptor to the shaft. That’s a bit more of a pain to get back in but it’s pretty straightforward. Good luck.

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