Duplication of RT3 Recipes

Yet another bug concerning the duplication of recipes when RT3 is synced with beta.roast.world

I end up deleting the duplicates, only for them to reappear again!

@matthew, hope you can kindly assist, thanks!

Hey @harry,

Can you give me a bit more detail? Were these recipes imported more than once and duplicated because of that? Are they newly created ones in RT3? I am going to assume the former since that would be the most likely scenario.

When you delete them, do they delete from RW? It sounds like for some reason they are deleting from RT, but not able to be deleted from RW and sync back down for you.


I only had a few downloaded through the beta.roast.world, so it wasn’t those that were duplicated but the backup from RT2.5; it appears to just sync the same backup recipes, when it should be ignoring them if they already exist![quote=“matthew, post:2, topic:3791”]
Can you give me a bit more detail?