Early FC at 160c for Brazilian beans

I have an early FC for my Brazilian beans natural and the batch size is 350g , preheat 170c and i get FC at 160c and it test under dev

ibts or beanprobe?

Smaller batches will have smaller temperatures on FC than larger ones. Especially Brazilian coffees which are not so dense. Your bean probe is signaling 10 degrees more. I’d say it’s normal. It wouldn’t be if you up your batch to 500g or more. There it should go up. Also, we’d need to know exactly which Brazilian bean it is. Also, it would be useful to know the moisture content. The less moisture, the faster it roasts.

P. S. I forgot. I only see 9 roasts on your profile, but no seasoning roasts. If you’ve done your seasoning recently, and haven’t cleaned the IBTS, it might be a little bit off. If you have, then it shouldn’t be affected, because I see you were getting early FC already on your second roast. It should be normal, but I had to mention this just in case.