Easier way to download Roasts from Roast.world and playback

We really need an easier way to download and playback roasts. It’s very difficult to find and use, I still haven’t figured out how.
There also needs to be better sorting and filtering on roast.world, it seems very clunky to filter by bean, roast level, weight, etc.

It should be simple to go to roast.world and click roasts, then filter to Weight 1000g, Roast Level city and full city, and then by bean name or origin.

Go to your Dashboard → Roasts → Discover. Enter Region and/or Filters and choose everything from Bullet version (V1, V1.5, V2), batch size, etc. Click on a filtered roast to review, then click the Actions drop-down and choose Save. Or just back out and try another.


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