Editing crack points on a roast

Somehow, in my roast today the 1st Crack button in the RoasTime window got click WAAAAAAAAAAY before 1st crack even happened. It was even before the beans hit the yellow point :smiley:

My question is this, how do I edit that? Might be a little nit picky of me, but I’d like to keep my roast logs as accurate as possible.

Using RoasTime 3.1.0 on Ubuntu 20.04 and Firmware version 562


On roast.world you can edit that information by selecting your roast, and on the upper right click on the edit option and scroll down towards the bottom the pop up. This assumes you know what point in time in the roast is FC, etc.

Yeah, I noticed that after I posted this. I was hoping to do the editing in the app while still roasting. Oh well. Live and learn, I’ll know better next time this happens :slight_smile:

Just hit first crack button again it goes away