Editing Vendors not possible?

Hi all,
I was adding some beans to my inventory when I noticed there were three occurrences of the same coffee vendor. I chose the one with the most beans already entered, and tried to edit the profile photo of the vendor. Every time I clicked “EDIT”, I would get an error saying " Error: There was an error in loading this page. You can try reloading Roast World to fix this issue."

I imagine this is because someone else created the vendor? I wanted to add their logo as it looks much nicer than a generic place-holder.

Secondly, I added 4 beans today. The first three are at the top of My Beans list but the last one I added is on the second page of my beans at the bottom! Weird. I would have thought it would be chronological, or by stock availability/date entered even better… Refreshing the site did nothing.


Hi Mark,

thanks for bringing these up. I will look into both issues and work on a possible fix. For the first issue, can you link me to the vendor account that threw this error? 2) yes, this should be chronological. So that’s possibly a bug.

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Hi Derrick

Here is the vendor, Small Batch Roasting


@derrxb btw, any news on RoastWorld being able to display IBTS ROR on the graph instead of air sensor anytime soon? That would make a great Xmas present :grin: :pray:

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I have the same problem with beans that I imported: if I try to edit something on the bean description, the “update” button does not work. For example: I imported “ Yemen Hawari Al Qafr Roooftop Dried” and cannot correct the spelling.