El Salvador Rume Sudan Difficulties

Hey folks! I’m in desperate need of some help roasting some honey processed Rume Sudan’s from El Salvador. These beans have me completely beat! I have tried quite literally everything I can think (charge temps, soaks, fast roasts, slow roasts), wasted about 10kg of very expensive coffee, yet these beans still have a tendency to crash at 191C resulting in a very baked and bland coffee. Can someone provide me with some pointers so I can hopefully have one good roast out of these before they run out? The below profile was the closest I’ve come to having something remotely drinkable, utilizing a “gas dip” before the dreaded crash. With this method, the B-RoR flattened and the I-RoR decreases nicely which I can’t make any sense

of. Truly grateful for anyone who can tell me where I’m going wrong!

My understanding of the Bullet is that the I-RoR is more accurate towards the end, which makes it look like you’ve achieved your goals. As I’m not familiar with that specific coffee I can’t speak to it’s peculiarities. However, I know some coffees need to rest for up to a week or more before you get the best flavor. You may try a little bit each day to see if you notice any improvements over time. You may also contact your green supplier to see what kind of roast profile they recommend for this specific coffee. Unfortunately I feel your pain as I had an Ethiopian coffee that I used up without ever finding what I believe was its true potential.

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What is the batch size ?!

Hey - this was a 350g roast profile…