Electrical problems

Hello everyone!

My Aillio Bullet had some electrical problems. While preheating it made an electrical noise and tripped the apartment’s main board. It’s impossible to connect it again to the power supply, the main board doesn’t stop tripping.

I’m really bad with any electronic/mechanical work. Could you please give me some advice on what to do next?

Thanks a lot in advance,


I wouldn’t try to use the unit any further to avoid more damage. From what you describe, the problem sounds like a failure in the Bullet, especially considering that you heard a noise while pre-heating. If the home’s breaker is immediately tripping just from plugging the Bullet into the outlet, there is likely an electrical short or an overload condition in roaster. That’s the purpose of the breaker, to protect the home wiring in event of an over-current condition that can cause electrical wiring damage or a fire. You’ll need to contact Aillio (or whomever supplied the roaster) for support and replacement of whatever is causing the problem.

Here are a few electrical assumptions about using the Bullet in general. The Bullet needs operate from a proper outlet that can deliver the required electrical provision for the Bullet. Avoid having other high current draw devices on the same circuit where you are trying to use the Bullet. That is because the Bullet needs to be on a circuit where there are little to no other devices competing with the power being delivered to the same outlet being used by the Bullet.

Thanks for the helpful information. I appreciate it.

I always connected the Aillio to an outlet without any other devices in the same circuit, just trying to keep it safe.

I sent an email to Aillio. Let’s see what they say.