Enabling cooling box fan during a roast

When “learning” a new coffee, it is desirable to roast to various temperatures, cup each sample, and then adjust the next roast. Id like to do this by loading a batch (say 450 grams), and then cracking the dump door at three temperatures, say IBTS of 208°C, 212°C, and 216°C. Is there a way to enable to cooling box fan while the roast is going?

To my knowledge, that is not possible. The cooling tray is run automatically, according to a “standard” procedure.

It seems like it would be possible to add the feature, but it would likely require both firmware changes (to make the feature possible) and software changes (to make it available). I suspect it won’t happen soon, due the amount of work required for the few folks who would use it.

I like the idea, but I see a few issues with it:

  • Once the door is opened, a few beans often end up resting in the small gap between the drum and the doorway threshold. I’m not sure you’d be able to close the door properly, after letting a few beans out.

  • Opening the door, even for a brief moment, would seem to fairly drastically change the roasting environment in the drum - especially for such a small roaster. I suspect that each successive bean drop would be less and less representative of the target roast profile.

  • If you take out a few beans and run the cooler, it would not be very long, at all, before you’d want to take out a few more (30 secs? a minute?). You won’t want to mix the beans; that would defeat the purpose. But the first set won’t be cooled, yet. I think you will find yourself having to do a very quick and complicated dance to make it all work. At that point, whether the cooling fan is running or not will be of very small consequence.

I may be missing something, but I think working the kinks out of that work flow would be quite a task. So, after thinking about this a bit, I wouldn’t expect Aillio to take it up. Seems like too much work for too little (and uncertain) a return.

Just my opinion, though.

Great response. Yes, i would likely drop the next partial batch within 30 seconds, and again another 30 seconds later. I will run a test to see how many beans jam in the slot.


You can accomplish this by pulling beans from the trier at various intervals.

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True. It’s probably worth a go, but the trier on a Bullet is awfully small…

I wonder how many “tries” it takes to get a cuppable sample. And, can they be extracted quickly enough to be able to claim that they are from the same point in the roast?

I don’t think you can open the door and close it again with beans still inside the drum. It is not advice-able as you most likely will jam beans between the door and drum. I would use the trier.

Thank you all for being cool as can be, and for the advice!

Reminds me of this video, but there’s no cooling involved in the samples pulled with multiple pulls from the trier into a cup before the roast is finished.

I was thinking of that video, too.

I’m not sure if I could use that technique on a Bullet, though. He takes 5 “tries” worth of coffee per sample and it looks like he’s getting about 2-3 ounces (volume) from that. I wonder how many of the Bullet’s “tries” you’d need to get that large a sample.

It doesn’t seem practical does it, probably only get about 1 grams per pull. Someone needs to come up with a little auger that fits into the trier hole then we can turn on and pump out seven and a half grams of coffee for each sample.

From what I remember you get about 2.2g per pull.

It’s possible, I only measured one pull yesterday and the eight beans weighed 1 gram.