End Roast Alert freezes Bullet

This has been an intermittent problem with v4.x since release and it happens on both my roasters, albeit one more than the other one (the newer one suffers from the following more): once the recipe reaches the “End Roast” alert, I see the blinking on the Bullet control panel, and both the software and the bullet itself become unresponsive. By unresponsive I mean I have to restart the software (and lose the roast data in the process) and literally unplug the roaster, plug it back in, wait for it to power up, then quickly PRS to the “Cool” mode as I dump the beans. Again this is infrequently, but now happens rather frequently with the latest set of updates (weeks of 9/4/23 trough 9/18/23). At this point I will probably have to go to all my recipes and set that End Roast temperature to be much higher than what I will actually stop the roast at.

As this is happening on both my Bullets (S/N 2563 and 7036) it seems to be a more general problem. Has anyone else experienced this?

i have same problem

Hey @sven.willenberger @kohaii,

Thanks for reporting, we’re investigating the issue.

Could you please export your RT logs (Edit settings > software > export logs) and send them to [email protected]?

You can reference this link End Roast Alert freezes Bullet in the message.

Just to confirm you’re not able to re-produce this issue every time?

If you can re-call any specific date you’ve experienced this, that would also be helpful.


Yep - same for me and almost caused a fire

Hi all, just an update on this issue, we’ve pushed a fix as of client v1.112 that should prevent this from happening.

I believe Firmware v610 also has a fix for this. Please let us know if this is still an issue for you.