Energy used per roast

Good afternoon,
Is there some place that I can find how much energy each roast uses? We’re trying to do some accounting and figure out costs. Rasmus had sent me an example however it looked to be on an older version of Roasttime?


When you click on a roast in RoasTime and you look at your profile, on the right you have all the data of said roast. At the bottom, right after humidity and ambient temperature, you’ll find your energy usage. I haven’t activated anything before seeing it for the first time, so it should be there by default. Of course, this piece of data is only available after you’ve finished roasting.

I love “Killawatt” type meters to answer questions like this. Kill A Watt - Wikipedia

Since I presume you have it, is the Bullet lying about consumption? Just a yes or no, not really interested how much.

I haven’t compared. I will next roast.
The killawatt will tally the preheat power, I don’t know if the bullet counts that as part of “the roast”.

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