Erc 0001 code on 1st season roast

Hi all, just got my bullet roaster and preformed the seasoning of the drum.
I preheated to230c then once ready dumped the 500g beans.
After second crack I waited as instructed a few minutes, but about 1 min past SC I got the error, Erc0001?
It seemed to try and cool down, and after about 2 minutes, the error code went away.
I waited for it to fully cool. Then tried another season roast but my IBTS shows 18 to 19c??
Please help

Bullet R1 Manual - Google Docs

So, I’d say this could be normal, as you were seasoning. You haven’t recorded the roast, so we don’t know if the BT went in excess of 245C/473F, but it should be that as the manual says, considering it’s a new machine. Keep an eye on temperatures and see if this happens again. Also try to mark down the temperature at least with pen and paper if you’re not using RoasTime.

Thank you for replying.
It turned out like you thought, the temp got too high during the seasoning process.
I let it cool down completely, turned off and waited to do another seasoning roast and then did not let the temp get too high.
Thanks again

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