Erc 004

I keep getting ERC 004 error after updating the firmware 605.
The IBTS sensor is not installed.
The ambient temperature is not hot at all.
The first attempt is ok. Problems occur during the second warm-up

I just had this as well during the second warm-up on bAC mode. For me I am assuming ambient air temperature too high. I roast with the window open and my thermometer is reading 27deg C today. Is that really too hot of an ambient air temperature to roast though?

My roaster did feel hotter than normal, all parts: front, back, etc. so now I’m concerned there could also be an issue with the internal fan?

Im having the same problem after update! Ive never had this issue till the update.

Same here, during second roast the machine dropped to P0 twice with ERC004 showing during a roast. Ambient temp was only 18deg but roaster felt hot all over. Any fix? Is there an internal fan issue somewhere?

Same here. Updated RoasTime v4 this morning & have gotten this error several times.

One more added to the list. It’s happening to me now.

Edit after roasts: So, the error appeared during preheat at 310c. I’ll admit that I’ve only done this once before, but usually use 300c PH for 1kg batches. I’ve done 2 more roasts after that, preheating to 300c and nothing happened. During my other roasts where I’ve set the PH to 310c, my starting room temperature was 25, but it climbed to 27. Now I’ve started at 28 and was consistent with it during the 3 roasts. I don’t think it should be such a problem, but I guess everyone should consider AC or a fan underneath during hotter months, or don’t go over PH that it can handle.