Erc 032

I attempted to roast this morning and I received an “ERC 032” error, which is supposed to be drum temp too high. This would have been my first roast of the day, so there is no way the drum was too hot. The roaster is in my garage and it is approximately 45F (6C) outdoors. My guess is that my sensor has failed or that it is too cold (but if this was the case, the error should indicate it is too cold). Thoughts?

I’ve had ErC 0032 but it was a hot summer day and not bun-freezing weather (even SE Arizona is suffering from that at the moment).

IIRC this error can also pop up if the IBTS fan fails to spin or is too slow if you are using older f/w. That probably changed with recent f/w revisions. It showed up as ErC 6864 with my roaster running f/w 540, but if you have older f/w installed it might still apply. So don’t get too carried away till you get some feedback from Aillio. You should be able to verify fan speed by looking at the Info panel. IBTS Fan speed of 10,000 - 16,000 rpm is appropriate. Looking at Specs, I don’t see minimum ambient temp listed, only max ambient temp.

Whatever the fault you might want to consider opening a Trouble Ticket at the Aillio site. They’ll want the Info & Logs (as well as RT version & f/w version). There’s no available decoding of Log codes as far as I know.


I have experienced identical issue. erc0032 comes up even with ambient slightly above 50 and definitely below 50 at startup. Once I heated things up slightly with space heater it went immediately to ready mode at startup.

I just (literally) upgraded firmware (currently 2.5.0 & Release 540, I was at 531) but even if cooling has improved with this build I won’t be surprised if a milkhouse heater to prime the engine before pre-heating might be in the works. Results of upgrade will need to be another day since things are already warmed up.

No difference today regarding ERC 0032 error. External heater brought ambient up to 50 F and all is good, sort of. I do notice a LOT more fan cycling on preheat today, like cycle times anywhere from 1 second to 15 seconds. Cycling stopped at pre-heat temp and about ten minutes later stage popped to “charge”.

Update: today i attempted to roast again and received the same error. I placed a small heater next to the roaster for an hour. Attempted to roast again and success. Hopefully this wasn’t a fluke. Ill update once i hear from aillio.

@AndyW, I heard back from Aillio. Their response was “There’s a problem with your Power PCB”. They asked if I am comfortable changing out the PCB (which I am), so they are going to ship me a new one. You may want to reach out to [email protected].

Also received this message. Machine in the garage. Around 50 to 60°f in garage. On 4th try of power application, it was “ready”

After conferring with Julio I have a new board on the way.