Erc 0512

my firmware was 540 with r1.5(IBTS) ,I’m trying to update the firmware but it can’t runing well it always stop in 1%

by the way my roast time was v3.3.0

now I success update firmware to 602 but it still has erc 0512 ,just not too often then 540

ErC 512 indicates input line voltage seen by the Bullet is too high. The image above shows the Logs data which confirms the ErC 512. Have you looked at the Info data? Info contains (among many data values) the value of the line voltage as measured by the Bullet. Working from memory but as I recall the upper limit is 127 VAC.


My machine was use 220v ,I’m not sure is the voltage problem or the firmware problem

Ahh… no clue what the limits are for a 220 VAC machine. But a screen shot of the Info data might help understand where/what the issue is for Net Line Voltage (I think that’s the label).


Thank yo Bruce ,I already send email to Aillio group,when I solve the problem I well share to you

Great! Thanks Tony…


I think it read 247vac if I remember correctly.

Another thought though; Is this higher voltage machine for single phase or 3 phase use?

Single phase 220 VAC source. That Bullet power option is primarily for the European market. Well… more like the world market ex-North America.


Edit- got curious about power standards around the world and found this on Wikipedia.

Copy that @bab, thanks for that clarification! It’s interesting because Aillio customer support said to me via email that I can use the 220v unit after I responded to them clarifying that I have 240v 3 phase available.

Sounds like they misunderstood and miscommunicated that information. I’m glad I stuck with the 110v for my order now.

In that case you would only use one of the phases to power it, and that would be fine too.