ErC 1024 on cold startup

Hi from Canada. I roast in an outdoor shack and it’s my first few months with the bullet. Yesterday, it got to its coldest point of the year: about -10C. The bullet would only give an ErC 1024 on startup. I took it inside to warm up for a few hours and then it worked fine again.
I don’t know if that’s expected behavior. I don’t think it’s an issue because I’ll rarely be roasting at that low temp and can bring it in to warm up first if I do. I wanted to share this post as it’s the kind of info I’d have liked to see before buying the Bullet so I put it out for others. I suppose that Roast Time’s ambient temp data range of 0 - 40C is an indication of the expected operating conditions of the Bullet.
In case there is something to help cold-start operation, please enlighten me.

Looks like the specs are silent about storage temp. The only mention is that spec data is for a Bullet operated at 25°C… no specific Operating or Storage environment:

Operating ambient temperature: Tested for use at room temperature (25°C)

So no help in the online manual.

I’m not sure what the Bullet detected to declare an ErC 1024- out of range measured value? (temporary) open circuit? The manual says ErC 1024 indicates the BT probe needs replacing but it appears it didn’t. So either you exceeded an unstated temp limit or there was an intermittent failure. @jacob probably needs to explain what the f/w is doing to declare a 1024 error.


Edit- Ahhh… it appears you get ErC 1024 if Bean Temp (the probe) reports < -1°C.

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The actual value depends a little on which Bullet you have. At some point between 5-10deg C it could fail to startup. Plugging it in at very cold temperatures stresses some components more, so we do not advice it. If you keep it above 10deg C you should not have any issues.

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Thanks guys. It’s an R1 V2.

Understanding that the bean temp probe reports an error below -1°C is very useful information. I know it’s not a typical use, but I hope other home roasters in cold climates who are relegated to garage or shack roasting will find this info helpful in planning their roasting setups.

I keep it indoors then I go outside when the Bullet is warm to roast in the cold air. Works fine. However, I need to remember to bring it in even before the shutdown cooling ends. If it gets too cold after the roast then condensation becomes an issue on bringing it back indoors. I assume a wet Bullet is even less healthy than a cold Bullet.

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