ERC 32 codes


Been roasting on my Bullet for just under 50 roasts now, and have only recently encountered this error. ERC 32 - temps out of range.

It has coincided with larger batch sizes, as I am now trying to push the roaster to the limits it was designed for. It first occurred last month when trying my first 1Kg batch, and has happened with every roast since that is over 600g.

I upgraded to the latest software/firmware and am running Ver 3.4.0 Firmware 602 this morning trying to resolve it myself to no avail. Ambient temp is 75F and I am roasting in the shade.


You might want to try to put a fun under the PCB (belly) of the Bullet to try to cool the circuit board.

There are some pictures of fans being used like this on the 900g full flame test thread.

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What @billc said.
And current RT3 version is 3.4.1… is that what you meant?