ErC on firmware 522 - update to 533!

@jacob - I updated to 522 and got an ErC 0032 a couple of times, the power shut off to P0 although everything else continued. Managed to rescue the roast by pushing the power back up.

Error log here:


search turned up nothing for 0032 code - any suggestions

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Ahh is this a variant of the “ambient temp too high” ? I’m roasting indoors and the wall thermometer says 81F, so not exactly a sauna…

Yes, I think you’re right… “Ambient temperature is too high”. Dunno where they measure that temp in the roaster, but I suppose it could be related to the exhaust fan not spinning as fast as the f/w thinks it is.

I had an issue with the fan but in my case it was totally arrow-thru-the-heart dead and iirc the error (don’t recall which code) was reported correctly and wasn’t ErC 0032…

Just looked at the R1 specs in the on-line manual. Operating temp is limited to 30°C/86°F. You’re getting close enough at 81°F that it might be down to a difference in calibration between your thermometer and the internal temp sensor.


Strangely after the beeping stopped in about 15s I was able to reset the power to P8 for at least a couple of minutes before it triggered again. As you said if we knew where it is reading temp and if that shows up as ambient temp in the Info panel I could verify. I usually roast earlier in the day but being inside the temperature doesn’t really swing much. Texas and A/C you know :joy:

Sadly I know exactly what you mean. Me beloved has made it clear that I only roast outside. So I’m at the mercy of the sun and the monsoons. I thought about trying roasting at night, then came the thought of bugs, rattle snakes and coyotes. Aaarrrggghh!

Sounds like the 15 sec delay was probably something cooling down below the temp threshold… ??


Maybe not a scientific test but I rolled the firmware back to 515 Stable and now the Info panel says the Ambient and PCB temps are 29C and 30C whereas under 522 they showed 31C and 35C respectively.

@jacob was this code touched between 515 and 522 ? The problem I have with 515 (apart from not living on the bleeding edge) is that some of the info like serial number, roasts etc is garbled in 515 with RT 2.4.0Beta - yeah I suppose I should go back to stable RT too. No fun :wink:

re: no serial number on info panel… I see that every time I update f/w. Usually also missing the number of roasts and a few other things. So far, each time the info panel had bad or missing data it was corrected by cycling the A/C power.

@Jacob, I am having the same ERC 0032 after upgrading my firmware

This error is because the IGBTs are getting too hot - more than 93 deg C.
The limit was lowered from 100 deg C to 93 deg C for V1.5 but increased from 85 deg C for the V2.

I will try to release a new FW today that sets back the maximum temperature to 100 deg C for V1 and V1.5

If you encounter this error you should wait a few seconds to let the IGBTs cool down and then you can start the induction again - preferable with a lower power setting than before.
The IGBT temperature can be monitored in RoasTime.


Was there a specific reason to lower this threshold on the non V2 ?

And more generally, I reverted to 515 Stable. Am I missing anything over the 522Beta?

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If you are not on version V2 you are not missing out on anything.
We are still fine tuning the firmware for the new V2 boards so these recent updates are mostly to improve performance and fix bugs for these. I’ll announce new features when we implement them.

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Thanks Jacob!

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Excellent, thank you!

Of course now you know I have to ask about the ETA for the retrofit V2 120v board…

Our focus right now is getting out new V2 boards for 120V / 230V and also finishing the certification. From our experience with the IBTS upgrades it requires a lot of support when upgrades don’t go as planned and we don’t have the resources right now to support this. My best guess would be in 6 month time give or take.


Totally understood given the widely varying technical abilities of Bullet owners but kudos to you and your team for making upgrades available. If you want a hardware instruction tester, I volunteer as tribute. It’s some of what I do when not roasting for therapy :joy:

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Hi everyone, Hi @jacob!

Came here because the same issue: ErC 0032 on firmware 533 on my very firsts roasts (the first actually after 5 seasoning ones).

It’s being shown as peaks on the RoR


What does IGBT 1 and IGBT 2 means?

Why does the RoR curve gets messed with IGBT 1 values as it’s supposed to be based on the Bean Teamp?



It’s happening me on every roast.




looks like your IGBTs are overheating at 93 deg (code 46) and should not have anything to do with the spikes you see. Can you please report your Coil fan RPM when you go to roast mode and P9?

Hi @jacob!

Thanks for your answer. I can correlate the RoR pikes with the IGBT 1 going up to 93°.

Coil Fan ~ 4980
Coil Fan 2 ~ 4530

Here I was able to reproduce it


After roasting happily on 515 I updated to 522 last weekend on my V2 only to have this ERC0032 happen to me as well. I’ve been advised to update to 533 and see what happens then. Not usually a fan of updating to beta versions, but O.K.

Can anyone point me to how to roll back to 515? I think I’d prefer to try that route first…