Err 0008

Hi All - in starting up this morning, my Bullet gave a few (8?) beeps and is displaying Err 0008, I have updated to FW540 and forced drivers, but can not get the machine to start pre-heat.

anyone experience this, suggestion?


Not sure I have your code right, but ErC 8 is “Ambient temperature too high…” Something I’ve experienced here in my Northern hemisphere location in southeast AZ during the summer, but certainly not this time of year.

The specs for the Bullet limit operating environment to 30°C/86°F. Does that make sense for where you’re roasting? If not you could have a faulty temperature sensor in the Bullet. You probably need to open a Problem Ticket with your serial number at the Aillio help desk. They can help with looking at & interpreting codes thrown by your Bullet (assuming you are connected to the internet wile roasting since the codes are saved on their server). And if you bought your Bullet from Sweet Maria’s then you’ll want to contact them as well.


Thanks Bruce, no if anything perhaps too low a temp? I have not had this issue before and usually roast in cooler situations - This Am was 4*C here. The error code alternates between Err0000 & Err0008 and the control panel remains in ‘startup’ mode. I have opened a ticket, but with Chinese new year in full swing am
nervous I will not hear back until next week.

Yes, the holiday is probably an issue! But Julio at Sweet Maria’s should be around (assuming that’s your source for the Bullet).

And 4°C sure shouldn’t be an issue.

No clue what ErC 0000 is… not in the manual. If it were ErC 1 that would point to no comm to the power board and that’s been reported here before. I’m afraid I’m even further out of my depth than when I first replied. You need the experts… @jacob are you seeing this?


What is your serial number? If you have used a newer version of RoasTime and been connected to the internet then I can check the logs to see if I can find anything.

All should be updated, I have submitted a ticket for Matt, my machine is #726 - you may remember I did the full V2 conversion and control wire swap in October.