Error 2048 and 1024 on brand new Bullet


Hey everyone,
First post, first everything Bullet for me. Has anyone else had this error message? Apparently it’s a “bean probe error.” Manual says it probably needs replacing but Aillio has been hard to reach and basically told me to try again (I did, same problem). Just curious if anyone else has experience with this. Thanks!


Sorry to hear you’re off to a bad start. 2 things come to mind but first (if you haven’t already done it), fill out a trouble ticket ( -> Support). That will get it in the system.

  • in the meantime, you could try reloading f/w just on the unlikely chance there’s an error (Bullet in Off mode, RT running & connected to the Bullet; go to Tools -> Update Firmware then follow the instructions). I’ve been using fw 558 without issue.
  • only a slightly better chance of changing anything- with power disconnected, open the Control Panel, remove the 4 black screws and lift up the circuit board so you can see the connector side (be sure to support things so they don’t hang by the wires). Look for the 2-pin connector with 2 light-blue wires (they’re from the thermocouple probe) and satisfy yourself the connector is properly seated. Also look very closely to confirm neither of the pins attached to those wires has pushed back out of the connector.

This is probably like sending you out in the street to play, but at least it’s something to do till the doctor arrives. And you may get lucky!



Please contact Aillio.


Just an update:

I received the new probe, installed it, and have roasted back-to-back for a couple days and everything seems dandy! Although the time difference is inconvenient, the shipping of the replacement probe was quick. Matt Yau in particular helped me out. Excited to keep roasting!