Error 32769

I was near the end of a roast today, when RoasTime stopped logging, the Bullet front panel was flashing, and nothing would respond to any input–neither RoasTime nor the front panel. I was at a point where I could drop the batch, which I did, but to cool I had to unplug the Bullet and plug it back in, then cycle to cool.

I was standing at the roaster the entire time, so I know that I did not miss the alert (which I wish we could disable).


Any ideas on what might have happened. This was my fourth roast of the day, but after I had let the roaster cool down and shut off after the first three roasts.

Nothing to worry about. These happens during starting the roaster.

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Then what would have caused the control panel and RoasTime to lock up?

I don’t know, but these errors would not have caused problems with RT. Which version of RT are you on? We have version 4.6.9 out, please give that a try.

It was very odd. The roaster appeared to keep roasting, but the front panel was flashing, without numbers changing or the buttons responding. No error message displayed on the panel, just the normal roast data. RoasTime 4.6.9 also stopped logging and would not respond to any clicks. This was my 129th roast on the Bullet and the third for the day. It was my first session with 4.6.9. I had done a deep clean just before this roast session, so perhaps the control panel cable was loosened. However, two more roasts after the error, everything was fine, though I also upgraded to the latest beta firmware prior to doing those last two roasts. I have 6 1kg roasts to do today, all to second crack, so we’ll see if it happens again.

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All of my follow up roasts went without any issues.

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First roast today and the Bullet locked up again. This time it alerted for me to press a button, but before the main panel could display the “push a button code” it locked up. Both RoasTime and the front panel would not respond. No more graphing in RoasTime either. I dumped the beans at full drum speed and had to unplug the machine and plug it in to get into cooling mode. The log doesn’t appear to show much and RoasTime did not save the roast for some reason.

I am cooling the machine now so that I can check the connection to the front panel. I suspect that it is either that connection inside the front of the unit or perhaps a bad USB cable to the computer.

I found no obvious signs of wiring/harness issues. I suspect that the latest firmware is allowing the PCB to get too hot to the point that it is locking up. I saved the logs, but saw nothing to indicate a problem, though I might not be finding the right place in the logs.