Error 4096 on a brand new Bullet

I received my brand new Bullet from Sweet Maria’s yesterday. I followed all instructions, updated firmware (475), no issues. The roaster starts up ok. However, whenever it starts preheating, it beeps and shows a “4096” error. The power then drops from P7 to P0. If I manually increase the power, the machine beeps and displays “4096” again. Power again falls to P0.

I’ve opened up the panels, and confirmed that all cables are connected to the PCB boards. The fan on the bottom of the machine (in the vicinity of the main PCB) moves well without obstruction. However it never spins when the roaster is on or preheating. I suspect this is the issue, but I don’t see an obvious explanation. All cables are connected. Firmware reflashed twice, without effect. Help?

No idea what’s going on with your roaster but let me suggest looking for a fuse near the Coil Fan 1 connector. Of course if you do find a blown fuse, then the question is ‘why did it pop?!’

That’s an interesting thought. I didn’t know that the fuse on the PCB is for the fan only. It’s opaque so I don’t know whether the filament in it is intact. Do you know the specs for that fuse, or where I can get another one to swap it out?

No clue about the coil-fan fuse location or spec. It came to mind because I had to replace the impeller motor and noticed a fuse beside the connector. Since you bought from Sweet Maria’s I’d encourage you to contact them. I had a very fast response when I had the impeller motor problem. Apparently all things Bullet are a function so there’s a little redundancy to get thru, but the process is already in place and it was fast.


Per SM, if that fuse were to go bad, the entire PCB would be dead. Both SM and Aillio believe it is a fan issue, and a new fan is on its way to me at the moment. I’ll report back once fan is replaced.

Hello! We’ve just been loaned a Bullet R1 for testing. It’s a v1 with an early <100 serial number. Per all accounts, it was fully functional before transport to us [packed safely in a van]. Since plugging it in and turning it on, it’s been flashing error 4096.
Have tried 2 firmware flashes to 512 and even the beta firmware 515 - no luck in resolving this. Has anyone had any luck in fixing this?

Looks like it’s a dead fan :frowning: