Error 47

This showed up in the log for my latest roast:

Board V1.5 / Serial 1421 / Firmware 591
Info 2969: 233
Error 47: 3900 (3900RPM) - IBTS fan low speed

The error message referred me to the online manual where there is not an entry for this error.

Doesn’t seem to have any effect on the machine. Is this serious or just an FYI?

I thought a slow IBTS fan had a different ErC (??) but if that’s the issue, contact support at and start a trouble ticket. They need to supply a replacement fan for you to install. There are threads here that cover this including one from me back in 2019.

The most important advice for installing is to take photos as you proceed so you can find your way back after replacing the fan. And be sure the fan blades are rotating after you attach it to the rubber mount— the fan blades can contact the rubber and stall the fan.


Thanks. I’ll drop them a note. I had searched for error 47 and came up empty.