Error code 6864

I took the back of my bullet apart to clean and I mean a deep clean beyond the chaff collector, and now when I start it back up again I keep getting error code 6864. I did not have an error code prior to cleaning. I know the connector fit of my ITBS fan is good, the fan appears clean and moving freely. Any other ideas?

I’m sorry, but I’m not understanding this properly. When you say “took the back of my Bullet apart”, you mean the chaff collector or more? Which fan? The impeller fan? Which connector? Just to give you some sort of answer on the assumption it was just the chaff collector. If the Bullet detects that the chaff collector is not on properly, it won’t start. So, I’d check if the basket (chaff filter) and the rubber holding it are mounted as they’re supposed to be. The impeller fan might be spinning freely, but if those two aren’t in place, they could block it once you put the collector back on. Also, check if you hear the chaff collector snap into place and if the lever for pulling it out is completely inside with just the last part with the hole sticking out. Also, if you took apart the chaff collector, check if it is mounted properly. You could theoretically mount it badly and still screw it on. There’s a groove on top of the metal part which should fit into the top end of the plastic part. Once you’ve done all that, and if the machine starts, check all fans RPMs in RoasTime.

Yeah I’m sorry about that I was frustrated taking this thing apart for hours and it didnt make a ton of sense.

OK, I took the chaff collector off and noticed that I had a blockage of chaff in the top little tunnel so I vacuumed it out and its good now. However, when there was a blockage, it appears that I had some liquid oozing down and into the drum where the belt is so I took the whole back off and cleaned it all.

I did not even touch my ITBS and so when I hooked everything back up I got an error code which I determined due to the manual that it is ITBS not going fast enough. Indeed I took the front apart and it was nasty in there SO I cleaned and put back together and I am still getting an error code.

With all that I am trying to figure out what to do next. I don’t think I need a new fan because it moves freely now that its clean.

Do you mean you took apart the front panel and cleaned the IBTS fan? The IBTS fan is spinning? Can you maybe hook it to RoasTime and see the RPM? It might be spinning, but not fast enough. You might need a new one, but it would be best to open a ticket with support and calmly go through this with them. I wouldn’t know where to start because of all the info that I can’t reconstruct as they can. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

Thank you, I replaced the whole IBTS unit and it is better! I will try and be more clear in the future but I appreciate you trying to help me through it!

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Glad to hear you managed to solve it.

Just chiming in to say that after 1000 batches myself, my first real error code was also 6864 and it was indeed in need of an IBTS fan replacement. The original fan was pretty well dusted and gunky. The new fan went in and it’s back to normal.

For those getting 6864 reach out to customer support. They will get a replacement unit to you and provide you with instructional videos for replacement.


Hi David,
I’ve been having repeat 6864 issues now for over a month.
Did you reach out to Aillio direct or Sweet Marias?

I reached out to Aillio support via email. They helped out I believe within a 24 hour window, checked my logs and got it diagnosed and then immediately pulled Sweet Maria’s into our email chain and SM took over from there with hardware for me.

I had the error with a peeping sound after a deep clean, following some threads around, I opend the fron control panel and clean the IBTS fan behind it and the issue was solved.