Error Code on 2nd Roast after Seasoning ErC 0032

Just got my Bullet about a week ago from Sweet Maria’s, serial 2128. I did four seasoning roasts: 400g, preheat to 230 C, took to 245 (beyond 2nd crack). All four had no problems. Did first roast (after cleaning chaff filter/back end). Ambient temperature was 65F. DId 700g, preheat to 250C, ran at P8, Fan 5, Drum 6. Had no problems.

I did a 2nd roast, 700g, Preheat to 310C (590F). Prior to starting this roast I switched defaults (per instructions in the manual) to Fahrenheit, 590F for preheat, and Drum speed of 7 (Since i’m more use to English units versus Metric). Unfortunately, I don’t remember the time/temperature the error code came on at, but I got ErC 0032, 29. I think it was near first crack and temp of 400F. The panel power went immediately to zero, and the temperature reverted from IBTS to standard probe (the little green light on the x went off). I was able to immediately power back up to P8 and hit button A to go back to IBTS temp. That was fine until about two minutes later, when the error occurred again. I reset the power, but since I was in first crack, I powered down to P6. No repeat and the roast seemed to finish without further problems.

On the third roast, Same parameters. Somewhere near first crack I got the error code, the system powered down to zero. I was able to power back up and continue the roast. It happened a 2nd time and I was also able to power back up and complete the roast. I couldn’t find the error code listed in the user manual. Until I taste it, I can’t determine if anything detrimental occurred.

If anyone has any suggestions or thoughts on what and why the error code occurred, I would appreciate the feedback. I haven’t connected to RoastTime yet, was just doing the roasts manually.

ErC 0032 is telling you ambient temperature where you’re roasting was too high. The Bullet max ambient temperature is all of 30°C/86°F. If you’re sure the environment was less than that (Sweet Maria’s will want to know what it was), there may be an issue with an internal temp sensor. I’ve had the error a few times. Most recently the fault was real- I was roasting outside in SE Arizona during a summer morning and it was in the mid-80s. The Bullet did its job. Losing a roast beats losing a power board!

I’m going to guess the number “29” is what the Bullet measured as the ambient temp: 29°C.


ps- Page 34 of the current manual.


Thanks for the quick response. I’m sure the temperature was 65F, I was doing the roasting in my garage, the thermometer next to the roaster (about two feet away) showed 64F. I live in Denver Colorado and the high today in my area was 65F. Do you think it’s possible that the ambient air temp sensor was affected by a back to back roast? Any idea where the sensor is located? There was plenty of open space around the roaster because it was just set on a table in my garage. Nothing nearby it that could have obstructed any air flow. Maybe as you said a bad sensor.


Well I doubt high ambient is an issue for someone roasting in a garage in Denver!

A bad sensor is possible but it could also be a dead or failing fan for the power board or ?? There’s also a remote chance of a f/w error, but that seems unlikely.

I’m sure Julio at Sweet Maria’s will get it sorted quickly.


This error is the IGBTs reaching their maximum temperature and therefore has to turn off - power goes to zero.
You should update the Bullet to the latest beta firmware which has a more aggressive cooling profile. This should solve your problem.
You can monitor the IGBT temperature in RoasTime in the info panel. It will shut down at 94-95 deg C.


I appreciate that one of the developers of the Bullet responded. Is the IGBT sensor the same as the IBTS sensor? My understanding is the IBTS can measure bean temperature up to 310C +. Can the actual sensor only be heated to 94-95C, hence the need for cooling of the sensor itself?

I tried to duplicate the error by running the the same three roasts and no errors were encountered. Ambient air temperature was about 61F.

Just chipping in here… the IGBTs are the two power transistors on the power board underneath your Bullet. They control the induction heating and don’t like to be too hot either.
Update to latest beta firmware as Jacob suggest and then monitor the IGBT temperature in the info panel during a roast to see if they stay under 94-95C

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And if you’re still getting errors even after the firmware upgrade, please contact Sweet Maria’s directly for support.


Where is the IGBT temp in info panel? On the top is Preheat Temp and Bean Temp. On the right side is ROR, Bean Temp, IR Bean Temp and Exit Temp.

My Bullet is not connected so nothing shown in below screenshot, but it explains what to do.

Thank you

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