Error message ErC 6384

when i charged the beans a beep and error code 6384 appeared, after 3 or 4 times sound/blink it disappeared. roasting is no problem. as blow small fan is working normally.

what can i do for this, need your help!

ErC 6384
Induction cooling fan 2 (the small one that is visible when removing the chaff collector) is not spinning.
Check that the fan is not being blocked, and is connected correctly to the small PCB near the drum motor. Check that wires have not been squeezed between the motor cover and the chassis.

It’s possibly an issue with the wires connecting the small fan to the small pcb. I’ve had this error a couple of times now. When you check the info panel it will indicate the small induction fan is not spinning. Pull the connector to the small pcb and push all the wire in as hard as you can. On mine the wires are a little loose and I have to keep pressing them to get them to seat. Every so often they work loose again and I have to redo the whole process. Also, check to see if the wires are zip tied to the frame. If so, clip the zip tie off and move the wires away from the frame.

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Can you please try the latest firmware?

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dear Wayne many thanks for your nice advice.
i will try to check wires connection!!

many thanks, Jacob. my firmware is 512 that is not latest ver with RT 1.0. i do not want to update it because it’s work well for roasting. and this beep & flashing in not occer every time. i want to know the reason of this issue.

You can update your firmware to beta 540 and still use Roastime 1