Errors 70 and 383

I plugged in my bullet today after cleaning the IBTS fan and it’s beeping and giving me error codes 70 and 383. I looked in the manual but wasn’t able to find any of these errors. Any ideas?

383 is a temp. The error code replaces the Time display. In this case the error is 6864 which is the IR sensor fan speed, F/W requires 5,000 rpm minimum for that fan.

Saw your post on Slack. Hope you enjoy the Bullet once you get it going!


Thank you! Seems to all be running smoothly now.

My V1.5 (now V2) has been pretty solid after some start-up issues that required a few replacement parts. No further failures in 4 years, though I did choose to upgrade to V2.

When I did a quick check of your roast history I noticed that IBTS (the Infrared Bean Temperature System) is displaying temps less than Bean Temp for most of the roast. That can be a sign that the IR sensor is dirty. In general IBTS should be greater than B-Temp after initial startup… say about 2 min into the roast. Contamination of the IR sensor can block some of the IR from passing thru the glass cover over the IR sensor causing it to read low. I roast pretty dark which causes mine to require more-frequent cleaning than some folks here. The previous owner may have done the same.

The manual has the info you need about how to use the cotton swabs & alcohol. Alcohol doesn’t dissolve the contamination but it does soften it so your first time cleaning may take a few repeats. Be sure to clean the inside of the black rubber view port before putting effort into cleaning the glass of the IR sensor so you don’t contaminate your cleaning effort.

F/W version 606 (the newest version) includes a change to reduce the contamination of the IR sensor by using some exhaust fan (lowest setting- F1) during Preheat. I believe that has made a noticeable improvement. Keep f/w version in mind as you explore the roaster with RT4 (Edit Settings → Firmware).


I cleaned the IBTS and have noticed that the bean temperature is pretty behind compared to the IBTS temp, sometimes a 100F difference. Is there some sort of setting I should be changing?

I was looking at your roast profiles and noticed that you have a couple of roasts that are very small batches 200g, 250g, 300g
Those profiles show greater discreapancy between IBTS and the Bean Temp. This is probably cuased by there not being enough beans in the drum to surround the Bean temp probe. Your other roasts look normal to me regarding the difference between the IBTS and the BT.

If you roast large batches 800g to 1,000g , sometimes you will see the BT cross the IBTS line and the IBTS will show a lower temperature the the BT.

As someone who roasts 1kg batches 90% of the time my experience is the BT and IBTS will track a lot closer to each other when the IBTS lens is clean, but after some batches the BT will cross IBTS as shown by Bill’s screen shot right around FC or just after - it’s normal. As Bill said, when the bean mass expands there is a lot more contact of beans with the physical BT probe. Lately I’ve switch to using the BT reading to make my adjustments after FC when I roast 1kg batches (another reason why I don’t use recipes as I think that uses IBTS readings??),

When I roast 1-lb batches I rely on IBTS readings.

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I tried a bigger batch today (800g) but it seems like the BT is still significantly behind the IBTS. Would I need to replace the BT probe?

I think your BT probe is fine.
Here is an article about the IBTS vs Bean probe: