Errors in CSV file from RW?

There seems to be an anomaly between the IRoR values shown on a profile and those put into the IBTS ROR column on a CSV download. I had previously plotted the IBTS ROR values for the first 60 seconds of a roast to see its behavior and got a rather dramatic result. It didn’t ring true, so I created a new column in the CSV file and manually entered IROR values taken by scanning the profile shown in RW. I measured every 5 seconds for 2 minutes so those are actual values. I interpolated the values in between in order to get the data to plot on a graph. The result (graph) shows a substantial difference. The legend of the graph shows what plot is what. The green plot is directly from the CSV column. The nearly 350F rate of rise doesn’t seem plausible. The red plot is from the data taken directly from the profile. It seems much more reasonable given the IBTS Temp plot. I didn’t check any other columns. Trying to analyze anything using a CSV file seems rather suspect now. Can this be reviewed and fixed?

Hey @jimsnyder.WA8I,

We will look into this. I’m asking for some help to be able to get some more context around this. Would you be able to share a link to the roast profile whose CSV you downloaded?


Hi Jim,

The ‘ROR’ column in the .csv files actually logs the B-ROR and starts from Preheating Mode. If I assume the data you pulled from the .csv file starts from the very first row, you are comparing the first 2 minutes of B-ROR in Preeat Mode and I-ROR in Roasting Mode. Could you take a quick look and confirm? you might not be able to see the Preheat curve, but you can scroll down the .csv file and compare the two B-RORs.

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@derrxb The roast link is:

I don’t follow what you are saying. I see nothing that looks like logging of Preheating Mode. There are two ROR columns in the CSV file, “IBTS ROR” and “Bean Probe ROR”. The data columns start at Index 0 and Time 0. The Bean Probe Temp starts at 300F, the IBTS Temp starts at 434F, which are the temperatures shown in RT4 when the lady says Charge. The IBTS ROR column starts at 0, and the Bean Probe ROR starts at 2.99F. Within seconds the IBTS ROR starts climbing and shows 314F at 17 seconds. Within seconds the Bean Probe ROR goes negative and only turns positive at 1:14 minutes. This coincides with the TP shown on the profile. I don’t see any other way to read this. If I compare the numbers in the Bean Probe ROR column with numbers from the profile at any given time, they compare ok. If I compare the numbers in the IBTS ROR column with numbers from the profile at any given time, they are quite different until around 3 minutes when the IBTS ROR and Bean Probe ROR start reading nearly the same. I included a link to the profile I’m talking about. Perhaps you could get the CSV from that and point out the Index or Time marks where the Preheat Mode data is involved.