Errors in RoastTime 3.2.5 Log

I just noticed in the new RoastTime UI for 3.2.4-5 that there is a notification when some things look “off”, plus a log of errors. The errors link to the manual on Google Docs, but none of the codes match up to anything. Note that my roaster seems to be working just fine. Here’s what I’m seeing:

Anyone have any ideas what these errors are? Should I be concerned? Also, feedback for the Aillio folks on your software, it would be helpful to hide the warning about the IR Fan RPM since I’m on a Bullet v1.0.

I have no comment on your error messages, however, your voltage is very low.

@mttjhn - The IR Fan RPM should be above 15-16,000 rpm. IR Ambient is very high- probably as expected with a dead IR sensor fan.

You need to get a Trouble Ticket started with Aillio and include these images (though it’s probably on their server). You’ll have to jump thru a few hoops but I suspect you’ll start by replacing the IR Fan. I’ve been there (2 years ago?). Not a huge job but take images as you go in so you can follow the bread crumbs back out.


Is there a fan for the IR sensor on the older v1 Bullets? If so, that might be my problem, but if my bullet doesn’t have the IR bean temp sensor, it could just be the software expecting something that my roaster doesn’t even have.

My bad Matt! Didn’t see V1 on your profile but should have guessed with a join-date 6 months before me. My bad.

No clue about an IR fan for V1 Bullets. Nor do I know how RT3 handles error codes for a V1 machine. I imagine Aillio Support can help interpret codes for you so this still points in their direction.


Yeah that looks pretty low. Not sure what to make of the occasional low on Net Voltage. I have a Kill-A-Watt installed and have never seen a voltage like that yet I have seen 106 in the Info panel as above. It would seem to be line-loss between the power plug and the power boards. Maybe it’s a known loss and was worked into the parameters used for Info… ?? Dunno. I pretend it’s ‘acceptable’ but I sure don’t like seeing it.


Bruce. I’ve never seen less than 116V from the info panel. It ranges up to 118 occasionally. My line voltage with a Kill A Watt is usually 122-123.

I wonder if electronics boards do strange things when voltage is too low? Engineers and electricians would know better. Mine is just an observation of a data point that is different from my experience with the Bullet.

Hi Geoffrey- I’m in the newer section of an RV park and power can be an issue here; the original part (5 years earlier in 1980) has had a number of issues but we’ve been ok. Somehow the Bullet gets it done with what would occasionally seem impossible parameters.


Hey, those errors look related to IBTS - what version of F/W are you on? Since you don’t have an IBTS I am sure that is why those are coming up. E.g. 129 means the IR glass is dirty. @jacob May want to look at this since it seems you shouldn’t be getting these errors.

@mcaillio, sorry for the delayed reply. I’m on FW 591 (I think it’s the latest stable) and running RoastTime 3.3.0 now.

Note that I just cleaned the IR glass carefully before my last set of back to back roasts, and usually by the second or third roast of three, the temp on the IR ambient goes high enough to move from yellow to red in the info window. Nothing seems out of the ordinary when roasting, so I’ve been ignoring it.