Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kebele Gotiti Roast

Hello All!

Looking for some feedback from everyone here. I am VERY new to roasting on the R1 and wanted to get some feedback from the people here to help point me in the right direction of where I can improve! I just completed a roast of Washed Ethiopia Heirlooms from Yirgacheffe, that came out a bit ‘flat’ and not very floral…very slight undertone of vegetables rather than the sweet jasmine and citrus like I was expecting. Would really appreciate some pointers based on my roast profile as to where I should focus on to improve the roast. Charged 350g at 230deg C and tried to manage a decreasing RoR with a power reduction and fan speed increase. Also, is it normal for such a large spread between IBTS and Bean Probe temps? Thanks all, really appreciate it!


Welcome Luke,

First time trying to help out. Looks like your FC may be a bit early, don’t usually see it until around ~200C give or take a few, so based on the numbers I’m not sure you quite got there. While the roast has a very smooth ROR decline, looks like it may have stalled out a bit at the end with the decline on the ITBS curve. I’m sure others will jump in and give much better advice but that is what I am seeing.

Your ROR looks great. Your ratios look good.
That being said, I wouldn’t let those control my roast. Shortly after FC the IBTS climbs to ~195 and then starts to decline and you drop at 192.9
I think that you are probably underroasting this bean for the results that you are wanting hence the vegtable tastes.

I typically roast Ethiopian beans to 205 - 210 and then let it rest for a few days before cupping.

I roasted this bean in February and dropped at 209.5 In my notes, I noted to drop at 205 next time to try to bring out the florals more.

Please take anything I say with caution. I am not an expert. these are just my observations.

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Hey Kyle - I really appreciate the feedback, thanks so much! Ill try keep a bit more momentum early in the roast to carry it through to a later 1C and hopefully keep that IBTS curve trending upwards. Will try another roast today and see how it goes. Again, thanks for the feedback, truly grateful!

Hey Bill,
Thanks for the feedback here! Ill try keep the roast going through to 205 and see whats its like. As Kyle indicated, ill try keep a bit more momentum going through this roast to keep that IBTS temp on the upwards trend and drop it around 205 like you said. Thanks a lot, really appreciate the pointers here - invaluable to know what others are seeing, so thanks!