Exclude preheat data from roast

Simple, maybe silly question.
Aside from not plugging in the usb to the roaster while it’s preheating, is there any way to exclude the preheat data from your roast profile/chart?

When you say “preheat data” you mean the graph that RT shows while you’re preheating? If that is what you’re referring to that data is already excluded once you charge the beans and actually start roasting.

Ah ok, yes that is what I meant, thanks.
Weird. The first roast I did included it.

Hmm… that’s interesting because it shouldn’t. What version of RT are you using?

If preheat data is included in the roast profile I suspect RT3 had gone to Roast mode earlier. Without seeing the profile I can only guess but possibly RT3 had stopped trying to control power to maintain the Preheat set point and was at a fixed power setting. I’ll link this for Matt but he’s currently unavailable.


Latest version. 3.3.2?
Don’t ask for roast profile because I deleted it lol