Exhaust adapter from metal

Hi coffee roasting fellows!

This thread is about this item:

I am wondering if someone knows a source* where you could buy the Aillio exhaust adapter ‘A’ from metal instead of some kind of plastic.

I do already own the 3D printed model but that was almost melted while seasoning roasts.
Now when I am roasting some smoke goes alongside and fogs the room.

This adapter should also be producable on a CNC milling machine, shouldn’t it?

*A source from Europe or sending to Europe would be great!


The cost of producing a metal exhaust adapter would be prohibitively expensive. I work with machine shops and have owned CNC machines.

From what I have seen on these forums, most people are not using the adapter that attaches to the Bullet.

As an alternative, You could make an adapter as several people have done by using a metal bowl or funnel and modifying it. It should not be physically attached to the Bullet.

The online manual shows their reccomneded setup with a gap between the Bullet and the exhaust collector.

I use the exhaust adapter with a short (2 meters) flexible hose ( 80 mm) running out straight of the window.
That works wonderfully with the exception that the plastic exhaust adapter ‘A’ has been melted.

2,5 meters are also not too long:

I have made my own little thingy that attached to my exhaust pipe.

It’s a aluminum funnel that I reshaped the pointy end of and attached to the bullet with aluminum tape.
Its not pretty but super efficient and low cost.

Hope it helps!

Note: The red thingy is just a silicone ring to make a better seal when connecting to exhaust pipe and the small white cord is just an exhaust temp probe.

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Could it be that you chose the wrong plastic? I got mine printed with PA12 at Shapeways. No signs of melting after 20kg of coffee (light, not beyond 205°C IBTS). However, my 3kg seasoning roasts went deep into 2nd crack.

I agree…try another plastic…I’ve been using mine from Shapeways nearly 3 years (over 300 roasts) with end temps averaging 215C with no problems.


attached is a photo of the ‘melted’ exhaust adapter.
The dealer who sold me the Bullet, also delivered that adapter, in his words made of 2,5mm ABS.