Exhaust Air

Hello :slight_smile:
Does anybody have experience with an exhaust air treatment, that eliminates smoke and odour? Is there a suitable afterburner available?
Thanks & Regards, Aaron

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Hi Aaron -
I’ve developed a self maintainable exhaust management solution that removes all the exhaust smoke from the exhaust air without the use of any expendables (filters, carbon) nor any after burning etc etc.) Currently I’ve completed 55 roasts with it and it does not yet need cleaning. Reach out to me privately if you’d like to discuss further! Smoke management is a huge annoyance of mine so have developed a solution that’s specific to the bullet….

Hello Luke,
Do you have a chance to share the solution you developed on the subject?

Sure! For anyone that’s interested, drop me an email at [email protected]


You could try making a Bullet bong, so to speak. The colder the water, the better. Of course, throwing out so much water after each session would be too much, so you need to make it circulate and put some sort of filter so the debris doesn’t pass through with the water that’s circulating.

MAPS - Volume 4 Number 2 Summer 1993 - Effects of Water Filtration on Marijuana Smoke

There’s the Idea, now you can work on it. I don’t really care about money, but if one of you goes commercial with it, adding some improvements, don’t forget me. :sweat_smile:

Dear all,

I solved my exhaust air challenge… it has a small 14W fan installed (amazingly, it blows all fumes out) in the pipe (where the black cable goes to) and the whole installation is fully removable in three pieces within 5 mins.
A filter mat is added, an addition of a charcoal filter possible, but in fact, I do not need it.

Regards, Aaron

Bullet bong, ha! We used to stuff dryer sheets in a paper towel roll so we could rip in the dorms. But I don’t think that’s what you’re looking food.

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….food, huh-huh. :wink: