Exhaust fan making a loud noise

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@strausal24opu ,
i’d suggest you remove the fan, clean it up and put it back. make sure you keep the fan exactly in the centre, neither too inside nor to out and than tighten the screw. after that make sure the chaff filter it properly pressed inside the washer.
try that!

Hey all, so I had the loud fan grinding noise, took off the fan centered it, ran it with out the back attached to see if the noise was caused by gasket rubbing, it made the noise, so it seems as if it isn’t the rubbing issue (although there is wear on the impeller, which could cause balance issues) so there may be multiple issues. It seems as if the shaft that the impeller sits on is wobbly? Maybe it’s meant to be a little loose.

Hi @dankern.SZDP,

You’ll need to take off the Impeller and Back Cover (plastic case), remove the Exhaust Fan Motor, and check the Gasket (holding the Exhaust Fan Motor and Squirrel Cage). The 3 screws holding the Gasket and Exhaust Fan Motor are likely loose. Please tighten them, re-install everything, and see if the issue goes away.

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