Exhaust fan off axis

This morning my exhaust fan managed to come off its peg connector thing (first time it had happened). When I cleaned the machine and reinstalled it I noticed the fan was sitting at an awkward angle, either grinding against the far side or too snug against the rubber of the chaff filter. Anybody have thoughts before I reach out to official support?

have you checked that the grub screw is on the flat part of the spindle? Also check for any obstructions.

Thanks so much! Yes. It had fallen out this morning but it is currently engaged. As is, the fan spins beautifully with the chaff collector off, but not when properly assembled. As is, it’s either grinding against the metal side or pinched by the gasket on the chaff collector

I’d re-seat the gasket and chaff basket and realign the squirrel cage so it’s centred between the opening of the exhaust (as you look down upon it). That should give you adequate clearance. The other thing you could try is to get a couple of wooden coffee stirrers and use them as a feeler gauge. Ensure that the grub screw is definitely on the flat part of the spindle (it’s way too easy to miss that part). Hope you get it sorted.

I too have/had this problem, especially on cooldown. So today I learned that there is a lip in the chaff collector black grommet seal thingy that you kind of wiggle the chaff basket down into. I’m 99% sure this is why I was getting a grinding noise on higher RPM roaster cooldown

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The green piece in the cross section view is actullay the black grommet seal thingy.

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It is VERY hard to see this groove (though perhaps that is my old eyes). When I first removed the filter basket, I had a hard time removing it. On reinserting it, I wondered why it seemed so loose, so I checked for a groove and didn’t see one. Next roast I heard rubbing, so I removed the filter and pressed harder. It is hard to get the right pressure at the right points, but now I can insert the filter in the groove every time.

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Resolved! Thankfully that shaft wasn’t bent. I removed the back casing of the bullet to expose the fan motor. The recessed access screws weren’t as tough as I feared.

When I removed the motor I saw that it’s mounting screws had started backing out.

Thanks everyone for the help. Can’t wait to get roasting again.

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Good that the shaft isn’t bent and it’s just a screw! This is good to know that this can happen.

Serious relief! I’m not handy at all, so I feel amazing having been able to fix this.

I’m with you! :sweat_smile: