Exhaust hood options

Black Stripe roasts a lot of coffee (Dashboard -> Users -> Search ). Makes the installation very credible.

A couple things to keep in mind-

  • Current Aillio guidance recommends an air gap between the roaster and the fan-driven vent line so that the exhaust fan isn’t defeated (especially at low settings) by an in-line fan.
  • It never shows up in installation photos, but there has to be a source of make-up air when venting to the outside of a closed space in order to not create a low pressure area around the roaster. In a really well-sealed building the roaster will be throttled for air which will affect exhaust fan flow rate.
  • I see they gathered the cooling tray exhaust too. If you do that (seems like a good idea!) you probably need to provide a fan to move a little air under the roaster since the cooling tray provides that function- even when not cooling, that fan is running at maybe C2.


Edit- when I commented on cooling tray exhaust in Apr 2020 I didn’t know the cooling tray fan was kept spinning at low speed to provide air movement under the roaster.

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Thank you bab, for verifying Black Stripe’s setup. I’m thinking that a cooker hood with 380m3/he might be a good idea… :bulb: I’ve been given a 4” inline fan, tho flow rate is only 53m3/hr - what’s the flow rate of the Bullet’s fan at F9?
The make-up air also makes perfect sense - I’ll look into that some more.

No clue! Calibration is in rpm only with no equivalent flow rate mentioned I’m aware of.


My range hood has 3 speeds: 300/510/680 cfm (500/860/1160 m3/hr). I use low speed during preheating, and have also roasted at low but then the kitchen smells of coffee a bit. Medium speed is perfect. Don’t need high speed, at least not up to the first snaps of SC.

I don’t use any ducting. I roast up to 450g batches, and the most I’ve ever done in one session is two batches. Hope that helps!

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Bradm, that sounds exactly what I’m looking for. That’s quite a high flow at over 1100 M3/hr - What manufacturer number is the hood pls?

Kobe: https://www.koberangehoods.com/product/chx91-sqb-1/
Mine is the standard 30" under-cabinet version.

@bradm’s setup is also my planned setup. My range hood is up to 900 CFM in 6 different speed settings. Good to know that at 510 cfm setting that worked well.

@Scott_Waugh my range hood is this one: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Cavaliere-30-in-Convertible-Range-Hood-in-Stainless-Steel-SV218Z-30/205896803