Exhaust hood options


Hi everyone! I guess we all have received the email from Aillio about recommended exhaust configurations for the Bullet. Until now I have simply placed the roaster below the stove exhaust hood, but I am considering getting a dedicated/more effective solution.

What do you recommend? I am looking after models available in the EU. But feel free to share your setups, even if it only serve me as inspiration.

Thanks in advance for your help.



I was glad to see some vent guidance from Aillio. We have seen damage to bullets from bad venting. The main issue is people connecting some tubing to the back and directing it outside- especially over distances more than a meter or two. What happens is that as the coffee dries out in initial roast phase, all that moisture being lost is retained in the vent tube and drips back down into the machine when roasting is finished. Or it might be condensation from outside. We see all these signs of moisture in the chaff collector, rear fan and back plate.
So whatever design in needs an air gap. I think just roasting under a stovetop type hood is ideal. Or some other way of venting the area around the roaster without connecting to the machine itself. The other issue is connecting a powered fan via a tube to the roaster. If the air draw is too strong I think you are going to change the thermodynamics of your roasts! Sucking heat out, literally.
Anyway in the US we have a tons of vent fan options. Dryer duct aluminum tubing is not the best but
Cheap and easy to work with.
Just a few thoughts !


What email would that be? When did you receive it?


But why? Under a stove hood appears to be the safest method for the Bullet. Works well for me. It lets the Bullet control it’s own venting pressure as opposed to hooking up to a tube that might cause too much back pressure or pull the exhaust out too fast, affecting the roast. Unless you are roasting so dark there is a lot of smoke to get rid of, I would stay with the stove exhaust.


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