Exhaust temperature?

Printed an exhaust adapter, it sort of got soft and deformed some, but didn’t melt. What is the exhaust temperature (the highest I’ll reasonably see it) so I can check tolerances for the materials I have.

I know its suggested to print on ABS or Nylon, but I don’t have Nylon and the three times I tried on ABS I have it failed each time. So a co-worker suggested PET-G which is suppose to go pretty high on the temp scale.

It seems like all of them can’t handle much more than 150C max… What is the exhaust temp?

May I suggest printing the adapter with Proto-Pasta’s HTPLA Carbon Fiber? It prints much easier than ABS, and if you do the heat treatment on it, it can tolerate up to 160C, vs ABS at around 108C. I printed one and gave it a go today, and so far it’s fine. HTPLA is my all time favorite filament, it’s more expensive but so reliable and beautiful prints.

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What do you have to do to “heat treat” it after printing ? Just heat it ?

Does it have to be the Carbon Fiber version of HTPLA ?

Heat treat: Preheat oven to 220F. Bake for 30 minutes. Turn off oven and allow part to cool to room temperature without removing it from the oven. I use my Cuisinart toaster oven.

Yes, CF HTPLA. It’s a lot stronger with the carbon fiber. Proto-pasta has a pretty good explanation on their web site.

I’m thinking of designing bean deflectors that clip onto the front face with magnets and printing them with HTPLA CF to see if they can take the heat… :slight_smile:


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My current ABS exhaust adaptor seems to be holding up fine but I did wrap it in HVAC foil tape -


I figured this might help improve the sealing and also maybe provide some heat protection…

I will have to look into the Carbon Fiber HTPLA - I see you can also heat treat it in water bath. My concern was some user comments that a .4mm nozzle gets clogged easily due to the particles in the CF.

I did print up the bean deflectors on the Files section of the Facebook group that clip to the legs - so far the ABS doesn’t get hot enough to affect them when dumping the beans out…

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Will, it looks real nice. Have you noticed any smoke leaking from the edges?

I don’t have access to a 3D printer, so ordered one over the internet, and have a slight smoke leak. Maybe I’ll try the tape that Stuart suggests.

I do not have any smoke leaking, but the duct goes straight up from the Bullet, so it “drafts” just like a chimney (which it pretty much is). How long is your duct?

Only 3 feet long (3 in diameter), but it does an “s” getting from the roaster to hanging under the exhaust hood over the stove. I keep the roaster on a cart and roll it next to the stove when roasting.

My ABS adaptor just deformed as well. It would be nice to see Aillio come out with an actual exhaust adaptor for purchase. I’d buy one in a heart beat instead of messing around with this 3D printer stuff.

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